About Nice-Tan.com

All of our Tanning Technicians have been trained and certified by NTTI: The National Tanning Training Institute.

All of our product contain ingredients approved by the FDA for cosmetic application,.

The current beauty market is filled with a plethora of Anti Aging products. We use a high-end Sunless Spray Tanning Solutions, which offer great color along with cutting edge technologies to promote youthful healthy skin repair.

Our Tanning Solutions are enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C Liposomes that condition, and assist in minimizing skin aging free radicals, which contribute to long-term skin damage.

CoQ10 paired with Green & White Tea extracts provide well documented skin soothing antioxidant benefits. Awaken delivers advanced moisturizing and skin care benefits via Phospholipid Liposome technology, in addition to inclusion of natural Aloe Vera extracts, one of the best products you can use for skin repair. Awaken also includes the newest powerful Anti-Aging complex Matrixyl 3000 (Pentapeptide-3) which has been hailed as “the new Botox” without the needle.

The Tanning Solution applies like silk, goes on smooth and your skin will feel like you have just had a full body moisturizing treatment.

What the Doctors are Saying