Frequently Asked Questions About Airbrush Tanning

What is airbrush tanning?

Tanning occurs when the skin produces pigment to protect itself from UV rays and permanent skin damage. In airbrush tanning, the tanning solution is applied by a technician using a compressor and airbrush. These tanning solutions contain the active ingredient DHA that reacts with the outer layer of skin to produce a bronzing effect, similar to what a traditional tan does. It must be emphasized that the pigments resulting from an airbrush tan do not provide UV protection. For most solutions, the color of the skin will continue to darken after the initial application, and the maximum color is reached within about a 12-24 hour period. Typical solutions also have a bronzer that provides an immediate tan effect and helps the technician to distinguish areas of the skin that have solution already applied. The majority of this bronzer will be washed off when showering after application.

How long will an airbrush tan last?

A typical tan lasts from a 5 to 10 day period depending on the aftercare attention and the general nature of a specific person's skin. It is recommended to only get a tan on average about once per week.

What results should I expect?

With a tinted solution, the bronzer will produce an immediate coloration on the skin which will for the most part wash off in the shower. The 'actual' DHA tan should develop within 6-8 hours and should result in skin coloration that is 1 to 2 shades darker than the shade of the bronzer. Of course, multiple applications will result in a darker tan.

How long does it take to apply?

A single application can take as little as 12 minutes or so. Factor in the drying time of about 10 minutes, and you can average a total time of about 25 minutes for an airbrush session.

What should I do to prepare for an airbrush tanning session?

On the night prior to or the morning of your session, use an exfoliant. This will prepare your skin by cleaning and 'buffing' it, leaving it cleaner than a typical soap or body wash. It is best to use a non-oil based exfoliant,.Your skin should also be free from applied products like lotion, and makeup. Do not wear deoderant as it will turn skin green! Following pre-tanning directions ensures the best possible tan can be achieved.

What should I wear to the airbrush tanning session?

Wearing loose fitting clothing to the tanning appointment is recommended, and allow 10 minutes drying time after application before dressing. If you choose to wear a swim suit, it is best to select a dark color. Consider where your tan lines will be. You can elect to wear just bottoms, but at least a thong or G-string is suggested.

How soon can I take a shower after an airbrush tan?

Allow at least 8 hours after the tanning session before showering. Ideally, DHA needs 12 hours for the skin to develop the majority of color. Color can continue to develop up to 24 hours.

How do I maintain my airbrush tan?

Hydrated skin is the essential key for maintaining a longer-lasting tan. Apply moisturizer the morning and evening after the first tan, and continue to moisturize daily thereafter. Shower gels should be used rather than bar soap.