Spray Tanning Before Your Wedding

The weeks leading to your wedding day can be exhausting. Late nights of preparing seating charts, tying bows on favors and making all of those last minute phone calls can leave any bride sleep deprived and stressed. An airbrush tan will give you a natural looking sun-kissed glow. You’ll look healthy, thinner, and radiant with a little help from an airbrush tan technician.

NICE-TAN.COM makes it easy and convenient to get a tan. We send a technician to your home with a pop-up tent and airbrush tanning equipment. You get the treatment in your own home and you can spend as much time as you like allowing for the tan solution to dry (we recommend at least 20 minutes).

A few tips to make ensure the best results.

Before you tan, take an extreme exfoliating shower using a salt scrub, loofa and/or pumice stone, scrub your skin to remove any dead skin. Dead skin will not absorb the color the same as live cells, so it makes the solution look even. You will also want to shave your legs prior to your tan.

Plan your undergarments accordingly. When the tan solution is applied, it will get on your undergarments. Wear an old bathing suit bottom or plan to go nude, if you and the applicator are comfortable.

Give yourself plenty of time to dry. Make sure the solution is dry before you begin putting your clothes back on. Any wiping or rubbing clothes on the wet solution will compromise your tan.

Plan your day to allow 8 hours afterward of no water or tight-fitting clothes. No exercise or anything that will cause you to sweat. No shower, bathing, and avoid being in the rain for at least 8 hours. No other beauty treatments should be planned that day. Example: If you plan to get a pedicure, you will look like you have a sock tan.

As time wears on so will your tan. You will gradually fade each day, so I suggest getting your tan 2 days before your event and not using any products or soaps that will scrub away your skin/tan. No loofa sponges, exfoliating or heavy scrubbing. Showers gels should be used rather than bar soap.

ALWAYS do a practice run. You want to make sure you are using the right level of solution. Try out an airbrush tan 2 or 3 weeks before the big day to ensure you get the right look for you.